Friday, May 30, 2008

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So....I have officially finished my story on Tornadoes, and I never want to type the word tornado again. I think the story was definitely a raging success with most of my readers....with the exception of Anna. She complains that the last segment was boring, and also that I made her sound like a wimpy little girl.... so I would like to add a little something to my story to make ammends for Anna's disdain of my story. This is to replace what I said when talking about the kids playing handball in the basement before the t*****o.

*Adam, Jessi and Jared were usually forced to play 1 on 1 on 1 because, alas, their 4 year old sister Anna was too busy with her own schedule to play with them. Jessi snuck a glance over at Anna, who had already worked up a sweat with her daily weight lifting program. Anna, at the age of 4, already had more muscle mass than her 11 year old brother. As Anna was lost in her reps and breathing control, Jessi shot a look at Adam that said, "Should we even bother to ask her if she'll play?" Adam, interpreting Jessi's look, shrugged his shoulders, and then decided it was worth a try. Jared, on the other hand, was sort of wishing that they would just leave Anna be. The last time they had convinced her to play, she had pegged him from her spot in centerfield, on his way to home plate, and he had been left with a bright red welt for a week! And this was with a squishy ball that the kids had gotten from Chuckie Cheese! But, Jared didn't speak up soon enough, and Adam called out to Anna.
"Hey, Anna"
"Yo!" She responded, as she let out a loud breath, finished her bench press, and put the weighted bar back on its holder.
"If you're almost done, do you wanna play handball?"
Anna sat up, and lifted up her wifebeater to wipe her forehead with the edge of it.
"I dont think so, when I'm done with this, I'm goin' outisde to do a little target practice."
Anna had her own handgun, and she was a regular Annie Oakley, just a little more on the macho side. After saying this, she picked up her favorite plastic Sylvester Stallone cup that she always used during workouts, and spit an enormous loogie into it.
"Dang, its amazing how much spit I can work up during just one workout." She commented to no one in particular.
By this time, Adam had turned away, dissappointed. Jared was breathing a large sigh of relief, and Jessi was just wondering to herself if one day Anna would really be a cage fighter like she always talked about. Jessi was pretty sure it would happen, and she already pitied any of Anna's future opponents. *

Hope you like this Anna! I personally think its a large improvement. Thanks for the idea!
Now, I need everyone's help. And by everyone, I mean my 4 readers, Jake, Anna, Furf, and Adam. What do you want me to post about next? Another fake story? something real? my daily life? a character sketch? a book review? baby looney toons?? See, the possibilities are endless. I know you can't comment me, so I guess I'll just have to settle for your suggestions in real life. Let me know! Peace out.

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Russel M. Ekaj said...

I for one would like to read your opinions on a book I heard about on the internet, "The Good Humored Hobos." I was only ableto view a little of it but I've attached that at the bottom of this comment. From what I read it is delightfully childish, yet very sophisticated writing. Again, I would love your opinions and thank you very much.

Jonah and Anastasia were so very proud of Ziggy and paraded him around on his leash like they were walking along side of the King of Hobos (no one really knows who the King of the Hobos is, or if he is in fact real, but Jonah and Anastasia acted as if they were in his present company, nonetheless.). Ziggy enjoyed his new owners and the spotlight that they put on him. Ziggy did not enjoy the spotlight for himself, but being the smart, unselfish piglet that he was, just redirected the spotlight on both of the hobos. So the trio just strutted along towards Mossy Grove Park with an imaginary spotlight (not imaginary to the three of them, though.) upon them all. They arrived at the park and then turned back in the direction of Joe’s Coffee Shack. In a blissful, gleeful, happiness they made their way to Joe’s with Ziggy leading the hobos by his leash. All of the sudden, out of the middle of nowhere, an enormous tree branch came flying down from above! “Look out!” Jonah screeched. Anastasia jumped on little Ziggy to protect him, and in turn, Jonah jumped on Anastasia to protect her. With all of this protecting going on, they all failed to think about protecting the leash (which they were soon to find out, was not such a bad thing). Ziggy was saved. Anastasia was saved. Even noble, unprotected Jonah was saved. The leash, however, was not saved. In was snapped in half like a thin string. The hobos and Ziggy were so relieved just to see that everyone was alright that they did not even notice the destroyed leash. They all got up, brushed themselves off, and continued on with their walk. Ziggy was so faithful, and circumspect in his walking, that neither Anastasia nor Jonah ever felt a need to control or guide him, thereby never noticing the lack of a leash. It was not until the end of the day, when they were settling down for the night’s sleep, and Anastasia was in the process of taking Ziggy’s shiny little collar off so that he could rest better, that she noticed he had something hanging from his collar. “Look Jonah, there is something on Ziggy’s little necklace (she preferred the term necklace, because she loved the idea of a pig wearing accessories).”
“Hm, I do believe that is the remains of his leash.” Jonah deduced. “It must have snapped during that tree branch mishap, and we were so shook up at the time that we didn’t notice.”
“Well, you know what this means, brother dear!” Anastasia said happily. “Dear little Ziggy does not have a need for a leash. He’s such a grown up little piglet that he can stay with us and behave without the aid of a leash. He’s just growing up so fast!” Anastasia had started to take on a very motherly attitude towards the Zigster (this was one of Jonah’s favorite nickname options for their pet).
“Well, I hate to put a damper on your joy sis, but I do believe it is not humanly possible to do a great amount of growing up in a mere half day.” Jonah said gently, as if he was afraid to hurt Anastasia’s feelings. But, alas, her joy was uninhibited. “Now, Jonah, think about what you have just said. Humanly possible. Now, Ziglet (Anastasia’s favorite nickname) is definitely as clever as a lot of humans we have met in our lifetime, but, he is not a human no matter how he behaves. He is a pig, and who really knows what is….piggly possible? If, that is indeed the term for it.”
“Well, sister dear,” Jonah answered looking mystified and enlightened at the same time. “You do make a terrific point there. That is something we need to ponder further, I do believe.” After this deep discussion, Jonah and Anastasia simultaneously looked to see what Ziggy had been up to this whole time. Their glances found him curled up snugly on a patch of soft green grass. “Just look at the little dear, he is all tuckered out!” Anastasia crooned over him.
“I think we should do the same.” Jonah said with a yawn. So both Hobos curled up on either side of Ziggy, and soon they each fell into a deep and contented sleep.
They awoke to a bright sun. Ziggy stretched his little piglet body out, took a little trot to try to wake himself fully, and then sauntered groggily over to where Anastasia and Jonah were still asleep, and oinked around their legs a little. The hobos decided that they would again be eating at Joe’s Coffee Shack for breakfast. It was too early, however, for Joe to be awake, let alone have his restaurant up and running. While they waited for the proper time to depart for Joe’s they decided to try to teach Ziggy some tricks. Jonah asked Anastasia if she had ever heard the expression “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Anastasia replied in the affirmative-that is, she had heard this particular saying. Jonah laughed and asked if this rule applied to pigs.
“Well, Jonah if it did, it still would not apply to our Ziglet here. Because he is a new pig,” Anastasia stated matter-of-factly.