Monday, May 19, 2008

Rocky Vs. Apollo Part Dos

Adam pushed Jared and Anna behind the door for protection as he opened it just wide enough for Jessi to slip out. Even that small opening allowed a huge gust of hot wind to begin to fill the entryway in which they were standing, and it kept swirling around the room as long as the door was open, making the three siblings feel as if they were experiencing their own mini tornado while still indoors. Anna, being a very aware four year old, noticed her biggest brother struggling to keep the door open while holding onto the belt rope to keep reeling out more slack for Jessi as she made her way to Rocky. So, Anna, without being asked, grabbed the door, and continued to wrestle with holding it open for Adam throughout the rest of the rescue process. This left Adam free to concentrate fully on guiding Jessi with the belt rope. Jared took his place behind Adam, holding the rope securely to the railing. This was no small task, as every 10 seconds or so a gust of wind would grab onto Jessi, causing the rope to yank hard at the railing it was anchored to. It was an old house, and an old and rickety railing as well, but it had been their best option for an anchor. Meanwhile, Jessi was outside, battling the elements, slowly making her way toward Rocky, who was all the while barking loudly above the wind, seeming to know that help was on the way, and that his barking was spurring Jessi on towards him and his rescue. While making her way slowly and very shakily to the spot where Rocky was chained, Jessi looked about her, trying to assess the damages that the tornado had brought about so far. From what she could see, things weren't too bad....yet. There were trees down all over the yard, but the barn was still standing, as well as the pop up camper, which unluckily happened to be set up. By the end of the storm, neither the barn nor the camper would still be standing. Just as Jessi finally got within sight of Rocky, she heard a noise coming at her from her left, and was able to duck a giant piece of metal (that came from who knows where) flying towards her head. Later, when cleaning up the yard, she and Adam would decide that these pieces of renegade metal had come from the roof of the barn, which was at the present, just starting to be torn apart. Jessi made one last lurch towards Rocky, which luckily put her right withing reaching distance of his collar, which was where the chain was hooked. She pulled herself up, fighting the gales of wind. With her left hand she grabbed Rocky securely by his collar, with her right hand she unhooked his chain, which was instantly picked up by the wind, and went flying into the side of their brick house. As soon as he realized he was free, Rocky started bounding towards the house, knocking Jessi off her feet once again. She tried to keep her hand around his collar, but with the combination of Rocky's breakneck pace, and the swirling winds, no matter how hard she tried, there was really nothing she could do. With a desperate cry of "Inside Rocky!" Jessi's grip on her dog's collar was lost. Contrary to the older four Nelsons kids wishes (they were forever trying to get Rocky ready to enter "That's My Dog, a show that did not even exist anymore), Rocky was really not a very well trained dog. With 5 children in the house, neither of the Nelson parents had much time or energy to invest in dog training. So, all of this goes to say that when Jessi shouted for Rocky to go into the house, she really had no idea if he would actually obey her or not. Luckily for them all, the one thing that was on Rocky's poor terrified mind was to get inside the house as fast as he possibly could. Withing seconds, Jessi thought she could hear the door opening, and Rocky being pulled inside, so she struggled to her feet, and yelled, "Guys, pull me in!!" At this same time, Anna had just finished swinging the door open wide for Jared to usher in the dog. Adam saw that although Rocky had made it safely inside, Jessi was nowhere in sight. Then he heard her voice calling, "pull me in!!" He knew he shouldn't yank too hard, because he assumed she was either unable to get to her feet, or unsteady enough that she couldn't make her way back to the house without some help. So, Adam used the rope to gently guide Jessi back to the carport through the raging tornado winds. Finally she was just steps away from being inside the doorway, when Adam saw a giant silver piece of metal spiraling towards her head. He barely had time to scream, "Jess, duck!" As he let go of the rope and dove towards her, tackling her to the ground. The chunk of barn roofing barely missed the two of them, as it continued flying through the air and ended its journey by slamming into the door that Anna had closed just in time. By this time Rocky had already hightailed it to the basement, and was happily laying on the old couch, oblivious to all of the turmoil still going on because of him. As soon as they heard the crash of the metal against the door, Anna and Jared reopened the door, and grabbed the rope to pull in their older siblings. By this time, Adam had grabbed onto the rope and was helping Jessi get to her feet. They were safely helped inside, then they slammed the back door and locked it for good measure. The four adventurers raced downstairs, to find that while they were away, all of the basement windows had been cracked to bits. They grabbed Rocky, and took cover under their blankets anyway. As they waited out the rest of the tornado, in what now seemed like a very calm and safe environment, they triumphantly discussed how they took on, and defeated the tornado of '95. The four siblings knew it was a story they would be telling for the rest of their childhoods, if not for the rest of their lives. Rocky didn't seem to be as enthused as his young owners were. He fell asleep minutes after they put him under the blankets with them. Adam said this was just because he was the "rescued," not one of the "rescuers." Jessi, Jared and Anna had to agree. They were all proud to be among the ranks of the "rescuers."

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