Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just a theme...nothin' special

Hello everyone (in an imitation of a certain some one's answering machine recording),
I don't have anything of value to say....I am simply bored at work and sort of feel like blogging. But now that I went through all the trouble of signing on (ha, sad when hitting a few keys is considered trouble, but that is, indeed how it felt) I might at well get a nice lengthy post out of it. What are some topics that I may want to toss out there during this post......Tennessee Football (ugh), my imminent departure for Disney World (imminent being late late Sat nite/Sun morning), my current longing/obsession with learning how to surf, books I am currently, and/or planning to read, my inability to stop purchasing books online (its just so simple, and usually not very expensive, and so satisfying when they show up on my doorstep about a week later), the VP debate coming up on Thursday nite.....ok I think those are all of the topics that I may or may not want to discuss.

First up..............Tennessee Football! Oh goody, this will either get me all riled up, or maybe it will be cathartic. I guess we'll see when I'm finished. start off.....Crompton is completely and utterly useless!!! No, no, I take that back. He's not useless....he's a very big asset.....for our opponents!!! 9 out of 10 times he's pegging someone standing 10 feet out bounds (maybe he could at least blind the other teams quarterback while he's on the sidelines talking on the phones or something). And that 1 time out of 10 that he doesn't throw it out of bounds, Crompton's probably hurling the ball into the raised hands of the defense, only for the ball to come flying back at him. I never thought I would see the day when I desperately wanted Ainge to come back!!!
2ndly.....Fulmer!!! Come on buddy, just be the mean guy for once and take Crompton out in the middle of the game! Maybe a little embarrassment will do him good. Or, better yet, just sit him out the entire game!!! And, I know our running game is all we have, but could we please quit giving the ball to Foster!!! He is not that fast. He just isn't. We have other people to about Hardesty....or maybe we could "find a way" to coax Creer just a little bit harder, and get him in the game.....haha ("we just can't find a way to get him in the game"). Fulmer, you're the coach, you're in charge of these guys and these games, start acting like it!!! Stop being such a softy!!!! Oh yeah, and this more applies to the past, because heaven knows, we will never have the chance to blow anybody out this year, but if you have the chance to beat someone badly.....just do it!!! Believe me, it won't be the first time it has happened to them. Get some killer instinct Phil!!! Ok, I think I am done with that topic. I think I feel a little bit better, although I'm pretty darn sure that none of the things I suggested/whined about will ever come to pass. Oh well..... it's the plight of being a Tenn. fan. I would still never trade it to be a #2 ranked Bamer. =)

Ok, on to another topic...lets see is officially October. I am not one of those people that just loves fall, and the changing of the weather and all that jazz. Hot muggy weather is good enough for me, pretty much anytime. Unless it's going to snow, and some large mountains are going to pop up somewhere in North Alabama, and I am going to suddenly come into possession of some quality ski gear, then, for me, it might as well be summer year round. This "lack of appreciation" for fall, is one of the reasons Anna and I have dubbed October "The Lost Month." At least in September you have the novelty of the start of Tenn. football season, and November has Thanksgiving (which most people don't really appreciate, but that's another topic for another time). October....well, it doesn't really have anything special to call its own. And don't you go trying to suggest Halloween, that doesn't even come close to counting. When I see people who decorate their yards for Halloween.....well, I can't help but laugh at them. Sorry, but Halloween is just a joke of a holiday, and I even thought this when I was a small child. But, I am just going through all of this to say.....that this year....October is not The Lost Month. Because we are going to Disney World this October!!! So far, (meaning today) the thought of going to/being in Disney World has taken away all of October's gloomy powers. Hopefully the afterglow will stick around a while too, considering we get home the 12, so there is a whole nother half of the month to muddle through. Oh well, I'll think about that when it actually comes around (a little variation of Scarlett's mantra).'s painful to think about it too much.....I thought I would be getting to try it in the not so distant future. You see, Typhoon Lagoon (in DW) has a wave pool, and on certain days, in the early morning, they give private surf lessons there. I've been reading all about it, getting all the information. I had even started watching a bunch of youtube videos of people there, even some pro surfers that rented it out for the nite. It looks so cool!!! I was going to call and make a reservation for myself for one of the morning while we're there. But, alas, on the official DW website, it says : Typhoon Lagoon Surf School Closed until Feb. 2009. Ahhhhhh!!! =( So, now I have just been watching surfing videos on real beaches, which look like even more fun. Now I want to go to a beach and try some for real surfing..... I don't know where the closest place for some good surfing would be. I wish I could just fly out to California, and surf there. Yep, that would be ideal. Haha. So, for now, my surfing dreams are dashed. I must be content to merely watch youtube videos......

So, I'm reading a book series by LM Montgomery called "Emily of New Moon." There are three books, and I am currently on the 2nd one. So far, they're very enjoyable. Not particularly realistic, but who really wants that? Anna is thoroughly creeped out by them, because I told her about a man in the books (Dean Priest) who is 36 and in love with Emily (the main character who is, at the time, 12). Yeah, I agree, it is pretty creepy, but I'm sure weirder things than that happened back then, and it does make the storyline more interesting. Plus, I'm 99% sure that Emily, unlike the obedient Elsie Dinsmore, would ever marry a man who was her Father's boyhood friend. Creepy! But, the best part about LM Montgomery books are all her crazy characters. I think that is why books about the olden days are so good. People were just a lot crazier back then. Even the ones who were considered sane were very very odd, and that, my friends, makes for good literature! haha.

So, it looks as if this post is a monster already. And not just a monster, but a fairly random and pointless monster. So.....I am hereby ending it now. I will have to talk over my other topics at some later date....or if I don't feel like it, I will never talk them over. So there! I will engage in the not so pleasant task of cleaning up my most likely various spelling errors, typos, and generally hideous punctuation. Have a wonderful day, week, fortnight, or month, depending on how long it is until I post again! Good bye!