Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tornadoes Tornadoes everywhere, and not a twister to fight!

Well, in light of the incessant tornado announcements I have been hearing all morning/afternoon on the radio while at work, I have been thinking a lot guessed it.....tornadoes! Yes, as all of my readers(because as of now all of my readers are Randall, Anna, and Jacob aka 50 cent) know, the Nelson household was fatefully and callously struck by a tornado in the early summer of 1995. None of us were home at the time, but upon arriving home, and throughout the whole cleanup process I can recall myself as a 9 year old at the time thinking....

how obnoxious of this tornado to include in its self centered path: our house, yard full of beautiful trees, charmingly rustic and useful only for playing in and posing for pictures in front of barn, beloved camper, and of course the poor hapless and chained Rocky I.

I also know that as much as Adam, Jared and I talked about how glad we were that we had chosen to accompany Mom to wal-mart, I think there was a glimmer of a wish inside of our kid power programed brains (thanks to our obsessive viewings of 3 ninjas) that we would have actually chosen to stay home like we so often did. I mean, come on, how brave would we have been?? I'm sure we could have somehow single-handedly battled the tornado and the little tantrum it pitched in our yard as well as in the greater area of Harvest. Of course we wouldn't have tried to protect the whole Harvest area, just our house, yard, camper, trees, barn, pool, and of course the dog! So, in honor of today being as I have now dubbed it, "Twister Day" I would like to write a little story with the central characters being Adam, Jared, Anna, and me. Ages: 11,9,6, and 4. It will be like one of those choose your own scenario books, and we will be choosing the option where the four odd little children choose to stay home from the good old Wally World. This concludes my post for now. Stay tuned because I will hopefully be posting my short tale tonite, maybe after I get off of work. I know you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation!

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