Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NaNoWriMo Ideas....

Well well well....it looks like I am back in the blogosphere after a long break. It's sort of funny...my blog was born out of an intense boredom at work (a place where I no longer work), and since the birth of my blog, I have gotten a new (full time) job. Now, I expected this new job to consist of lots of work, thereby keeping me too busy to do frivolous things like blogging, but it appears that I was wrong. In the 3rd week of my new job I am just as free time endowed (if not more so) than I was during my previous occupation. Sooooo....I have been sitting here mulling over my options for a big event in November that I hope to take part in. If I am just a bored by then as I am now, I can do a good bit of contributing to this event during my working hours. This event is called National Novel Writing Month. The cool kids call it NaNoWriMo, and I of course, am a very cool kid (note the title of this post). This NaNoWriMo thing is pretty simple...you take the entire month of November, and try to crank out a 50,000 word story/book/novel/whateveryouwouldliketocallyourwork. Last year Jake and I learned of this fascinating idea about a week into the month of November. We both wanted to participate, but me being the busy college student/part time employee that I was, and him being the busy 14yr old baseballing/basketballing/homeschooling kid that he is, we weren't sure we could keep up the pace. Plus, we were already a few days behind. So....with a stroke of brilliance that pretty much characterizes our lives, we decided to just collectively work on something that we were already co-writing anyway. "The Good Humored Hobos" was the title of our work. We triumphantly made it to our 50,000 word goal, and still ended up not wrapping the story up. It's been almost a year, and we still haven't ended the story, but we haven't really given the Hobos much attention over the months....we'll finish it one day...I just know we will. But....in the mean time, let's move on to the real topic of my post. I want to brainstorm on a topic/choice for NaNoWriMo this year. Since I plan to start on time, as well as possibly have a lot of free time on my hands at work, I'm thinking about taking on the 50,000 word goal all on my own. So, I'm tossing ideas around in my head about what I might like to write about. Here's what I have so far......

Stories that I have already begun:

1. I wrote a story when I was young called "The Mavericks Mishaps" it was about a family with a bunch of kids (probably 8 years old and up) and their parents go out of town and the kids get into all sorts of trouble (some their fault, some not their fault). A year or two ago, I started a sort of sequel to this story called "The Mavericks:the college years" The family now lives on the island of Oahu and they still have crazy "mishaps." - I think there is lots of potential left with this story, because it is kind of like a sitcom, it could go episode by episode, and never really end. I'm just not sure if I would get bored with it or not.

2. "The Wells Sisters Go A-Camping" This story spun off of a story that Lesley created about three sisters who are loosely base off of Anna, Lesley and me. My part of this story tells of the Wells sisters going to a summer church camp. There are zany characters such as the Yarboroughs (brothers and sisters who love Celine Dion) and Mrs. Johnson (the mother of one of the sister's SOS who likes to wear American flag wind pants...the mother not the SOS). I was planning on basing most of this story on my experiences at Awana camp which is a very weird place, therefore very good for story material.

3. "Emory, Honor and the Extra Personage" This story is almost as nonsensical as the good humored hobos, but who says nonsensical isn't fun??? This is a story I started about triplets. Emory and Honor are fairly normal, nice little girls who have been abandoned by their parents and their triplet whom they call the extra personage (her real name is Landry). Landry, and their parents have left for Hollywood, because they are convinced that Landry has the stuff to make it as the next Shirley Temple. This story is basically going to be tales of how Emory and Honor take care of themselves throughout their growing up years. It seems like it could turn out kind of Dixie Northi-ish / Pippi Longstocking-ish (hopefully way less creepy).

Are you sensing a pattern here......none of my stories have much of an element of realism....that's unfortunate. But, wait, I did once start a story that was supposed to be a realistic historical dramatic mystery type thing.....yeah.....weird right??? I started it...and built up this big dramatic mysterious type of plot, but I didnt really have an ending planned out or anything. So, needless to say, it kind of fizzled out. I could try to do something with it. That may be kind of challenging but it could be interesting. I could just keep going until I absolutely positively had to have the ending developed, and then.....who knows! I think that story was called something like "A Flower of the Prairie." haha! Don't you like my 17 year old attempt at the dramatic? Yeah, I started that story a long time ago, back when I hadn't realized my utter inability to write serious stories. Anyways, there ya go,
4. "A Flower of the Prairie" or something to that effect.....

So.....go ahead....cast your votes. Should I work on one of these.....or go in a completely new direction???? I have about a month plus to decide!!! Can't you just feel the suspense???

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